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Heartland Technical Solutions: Innovative Tools for Effective Ordnance Disposal

Because HTS staff have hands-on EOD experience, they know exactly what is needed to safely dispose of ordnance. EOD teams are excellent problem solvers, capable of improvising to meet the demands of each situation. All HTS products began as an idea in the field. They answer the simple question: what would have made your missions better?


HTS Products

Heartland Technical Solutions offers American-made, industrial-grade equipment designed to safely and efficiently recycle explosives. These innovative tools provide state-of-the-art options to handle thousands of different types of ordnance, making HTS products some of the most valuable and diverse tools for any explosive ordnance disposal team.

Mobile Ordnance Disposal System (MODS)

The Mobile Ordnance Disposal System (MODS) is HTS’s flagship product. This tool offers a safe and effective option for disposing of many different kinds of ordnance. A new and innovative design, MODS is a fully transportable, remote system that renders ordnance safe by cutting the fuze from the explosive body.

HTS Staff

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Heartland Technical Solutions was founded by Chris McMurray. After a 27 year career in law enforcement, Chris was inspired to bring EOD tools used by successful ordnance disposal teams in the field to the open market. His goal is to share the expertise of the EOD operators who create tools that would make the EOD process safer and more efficient. Heartland Technical Solutions is proud to offer innovative solutions to some of the world’s most deadly problems.

Heartland Technical Solution’s staff includes a diverse team of EOD, Law Enforcement, and former military personnel. Bringing a range of expertise from the explosives, intelligence, and military worlds, the team has decades of practical experience in the field. Collectively, the team has handled most types of modern ordnance in every context. From the minefields of recent conflicts to World War II relics, active hostage situations, to anonymous terrorist attempts, the team has seen—and learned from—every possibility. They bring this hands-on experience to HTS. 

The HTS team uses every lesson they learned during their real-world missions when designing ordnance disposal products at HTS. Our team’s years of problem-solving is applied to every HTS product. Safe and effective ordnance disposal can change lives, lifting people out of the shadow of fear and giving them a new world of opportunities. The HTS team has seen this transformation in action and is dedicated to designing innovative, high-value products that make the world a safer place.

HTS Process

After drawing on napkins, making models, calling old buddies to brainstorm, and otherwise going through the design process, every HTS prototype undergoes rigorous testing. The HTS team is dedicated to making the world a safer place through ordnance disposal and recycling, so each new product is thoroughly tested. Only the most effective products that offer the best value by handling many different ordnance types are approved for final production.

HTS products are American-made with industrial-grade materials. The manufacturing process is the final element of our expert design system, and we’re proud to support the finest manufacturing available anywhere in the world.

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HTS Promise

Every Heartland Technical Solutions product is built to last. Our rigorous field-testing process puts every product through its paces, guaranteeing a product you can trust. Every HTS product performs in the field, every time. We know there’s no room for error in explosive ordnance disposal, so HTS only approves and manufactures designs that deliver on our promise of Innovative Tools for Effective Ordnance Disposal.

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